Functional Fitness is becoming a new buzz word, but now how about directing our attention to Functional Efficiency.  My multi-faceted approach addresses functional efficiency in totality.  This therapy has a profound effect on anyone and everyone, from the T-Ball participant, office secretary and housewife, to the weekend warrior.

The core components of Functional Efficiency are:

  • Functional deficit evaluation (where is your body performing inefficiently?)
  • Best path to immediate correction
  • Sports Massage
  • Active Isolated Stretching
  • Active Release Technique
  • Right/Left brain synchronization
  • Custom personalized plan for you to perform on your own
  • Additionally, Norman is always eager and willing to consult and advise corrective action

This therapy will elevate the performance of the Olympic hopeful and any elite professional athlete.  Functional efficiency enables anyone regardless of age to do things physically, mentally and emotionally previously unattainable.
If you really want to elevate your performance substantially, this is the vehicle to catapult your performance, with immediate results.  That’s right!  In minutes, not days or weeks!  Huge results are unconditionally guaranteed.
Functional Efficiency is a great asset to any athlete in achieving his/her goals, whether it would be Michael Phelps and Sonia Richards-Ross, who are currently at the top of their field.
Sonia Richards-Ross was a beneficiary of my therapy during her high school track achievements.  Since then, I have developed  additional important therapies that would further assist her and others to perform even above their present levels.