About Norman

Who is Norman Eshleman?
Norman Eshleman has been a licensed therapist for more than 25 years. During that time, he developed a multifaceted quantum leap in sports performance therapy technique. This technique gives his clients a truly competitive edge in all areas whether they are young or old, martial artists, golfers, boxers, tennis players, or even Olympic hopefuls.
As a therapist through his many years, Norman has endeavored to give individual clients and sports teams the competitive edge. In doing so, a quantum leap in sports performance has been achieved by incorporating and developing a revolutionary performance therapy technique and technological support.
Norman has been called on to enhance the performance of football teams as well as individual professional athletes.
Norman’s therapy for functional efficiency delivers quantum performance in such a revolutionary way that, once you see the results, you will always view athletic performance and achievement in a far different light. Make the intelligent choice as a player or coach if you are concerned about athletic performance for the new millennium. This is truly an extremely accelerated evolution in the performance for any team or individual athlete.